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Finding an Optometrist
A Two-Doctor Approach - Your Eye Doctor + Your LASIK Surgeon
Many people thinking about laser eye surgery have worn glasses or contacts for years and have developed an ongoing relationship with an eye doctor (usually an optometrist). Having that doctor involved in improving their vision and having that continuity of care makes the laser vision correction process easier for them. At Grand Valley LASIK & Cataract, we are happy to work with your current optometrist to provide you with the best quality patient care for your laser vision correction procedure. You will see your eye doctor for all the pre-operative tests and post-operative visits; Dr. Oster will perform the surgery and coordinate your post-operative care. This two-doctor approach combines your optometrist's knowledge of your long-term eye history with the expertise of a LASIK surgeon trained in the latest advancements in laser vision correction. This provides many patients the best of both worlds at no extra cost.

Even if you don't have a long-term relationship with an eye doctor, you might still want to choose an optometrist to participate in the laser vision correction process. If you live far away, seeing an optometrist for the pre- and post-op visits can be more convenient than coming to our center. And after surgery, it's important to have regular eye check-ups with a competent eye doctor who has knowledge of your surgical history.

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